渥太华,2020年11月2日–移民、难民和公民事务部长Marco E. L. Mendicino阁下发表以下声明。


“全国法语移民周 “是一个承认法语新移民的贡献和魁北克以外法语社区活力的机会。当我们创造了欢迎和包容的社区,并为法语新移民提供支持,让他们在这些社区定居和联系,整个加拿大都会受益。

“为了证明政府吸引法语新移民到加拿大的承诺,我最近宣布,在我们管理希望成为永久居民的技术工人申请的在线系统–Express Entry下,法语和双语候选人将获得更多的额外分数。这一变化将使法语候选人获得的分数从15分增加到25分,双语候选人获得的分数从30分增加到50分,这样一来,将增加法语的录取人数,并帮助加拿大在2023年之前达到魁北克省以外法语录取人数占4.4%的目标。


“全国法语移民周 “凸显了加拿大欢迎和帮助魁北克省以外的法语新移民定居的努力。我支持这一倡议,并赞扬其参与者庆祝加拿大的多样性和开放性。”

Minister Mendicino marks the start of National Francophone Immigration Week 2020

Ottawa, November 2, 2020 —The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, issued the following statement:

“Immigration helps to fuel Canada’s economy and enrich Canadian society. The Government of Canada firmly believes that all newcomers, including French-speaking immigrants, contribute to the vitality of this country.

“National Francophone Immigration Week is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of French-speaking newcomers and dynamism of Francophone communities outside Quebec. When we create welcoming and inclusive communities and provide French-speaking newcomers with support to settle in and connect to these communities, all of Canada benefits.

“To demonstrate the government’s commitment to attracting French-speaking newcomers to Canada, I recently announced that French-speaking and bilingual candidates would receive more additional points under Express Entry, our online system to manage applications from skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents. This change will increase the number of points awarded from 15 to 25 for French-speaking candidates and from 30 to 50 for bilingual candidates, and in doing so, will increase French-speaking admissions and help Canada to reach its target of 4.4% of French-speaking admissions outside Quebec by 2023.

“While making progress towards this target will depend on easing of travel restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic, this action will support Francophone minority communities in the long term and complement other initiatives.

“National Francophone Immigration Week highlights Canada’s efforts to welcome and help settle French-speaking newcomers outside of Quebec. I support this initiative and commend its participants for celebrating Canada’s diversity and openness.”